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Latrex 400 Double Hull

The 400 has a traditional shaped and elegant hull, with an inner deck moulding, giving the craft a classy look and shiny finish all over. The 400 also has a ballasted keel, a self bailer in the floor, removable thwart storage and fendering with stainless ends. The ballasted keel not only helps the boat glide through the water, but also distributes 35% of the boat weight to the lowest point, which gives stability at rest similar to flat bottom boats. There is also lots of sealed in buoyancy and insulated storage under the seats, together with a removable box under the thwart.
The Latrex 400 looks great and effortlessly glides through the water - a craft to journey up river or spend a day round the harbour, finding those secluded spots for a spot of fishing.
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