AMT 150 R

AMT 150 R is an easy-to-use multipurpose boat with high sides and a deep V hull that is ideal as both a boat for the summer house and as a stylish city cruiser. Thanks to its safe demeanour, 150 R is perfectly suited for independent younger boaters as well. The steady and easy-to-clean construction makes this model an excellent choice for fishing and commuting. Due to its light weight, AMT 150 R requires less engine power. In addition it is low-priced, so the total cost of usage remains reasonable. AMT 150 R features an unsinkable “safely to shore” structure, familiar from the larger AMT models, as well as AMT’s proprietary and unique, clog-free self-draining system.


ID: 6446

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See AMT-Veneet Oy at https://www.amtboats.fi

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