AMT 190 BR

An action-packed access and leisure boat for multiple uses. The hull design is all-new and extremely sporty, and it has been especially designed for effortless boating. Good fuel economy, excellent manoeuvrability, vast storage spaces and extreme spaciousness are some of AMT 190 BR’s points of focus. High-quality materials and components, as well as a modern new design, gives 190 BR that extra feel of luxury and comfort.

The fleet’s newest member is an action-packed access and leisure boat equipped with a sporty hull, especially designed for effortless boating. The boat is extremely fun to drive, and it’s suited equally as well for city cruising and fishing as water sports and use at the summer house. The novelty’s best selling points are its unprecedented spaciousness that is vaster than in other bowriders in the same size class, as well as its extensive standard accessories. Thanks to the new hull design, AMT 190 BR runs smoothly through the waves directing water splashed to the sides, and its performance is true AMT standard. The genial hull design also ensures that fuel consumption stays reasonable and together with a large fuel tank this equals in a long range of usage. The engine recommendation is 80 to 115 hp, and already with a 100 hp outboard engine the top speed closes in on 40 knots. In other words, we haven’t sacrificed the fuel economy and outstanding performance for the stylish looks. The boat encompasses plenty of storage and vast open deck areas for effortless moving around the boat. The storage compartments have been fitted with Abloy’s single-key system, which means that you can leave your belongings onboard the boat even during longer periods of time. Underneath the center deck we have added a large and long storage space, where you can fit e.g. water skis or other large goods. The boats standard accessories are, true to the AMT brand, extensive, but still the consumer does not pay for unnecessary equipments. In addition to the mandatory boating equipments (such as mooring lines, fenders and anchor) we have included also the seat cushions, the stern canopy, a canopy storage compartment and the storage compartments’ Abloy lock system. AMT 190 BR also comes with the Securmark anti-theft marking. The materials and components used are of high quality, following the AMT vision. The new 190 BR has also been constructed with the unique “Safely to shore” -structure. This construction method significantly improves the boat’s safety if an emergency at sea occurs. Even though the hull would be filled up with water due to a collision, the boat’s deck keeps the boat afloat so that you can steer the boat to the nearest shore, or call for help.

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